JARVIS Blockchain + JRVS Token

Redefining the Value of All Video Opinion on the Internet


JRVS Token Economics

Upward pressure on the price of tokens will also be fueled by the perception of investors of the total value of global video opinion that JRVS will ultimately represent.

The second goal is to issue tokens to investors, which will be either held or traded on an open exchange for a set period until the tokens are sold to third parties for use.

JRVS Tokens will be limited from the beginning, which means more demand. The supply of JRVS tokens will be fixed, and increasing demand in the marketplace will drive up the price of JRVS with smaller fractions of tokens being bought and awarded to users over time.

How JRVS Restores Power to People

3rd parties procure services via standard SaaS contracts in fiat currency. A set percentage of fiat revenue will be converted to tokens automatically acquired from the JRVS exchange, at prevailing token prices, and sent to the JARVIS Foundation in a locked state. When an opinion is used, JRVS tokens will be unlocked and distributed to Opinion Profiles. Whenever a given opinion is used, and JRVS is awarded, Profile owners will be notified and have the opportunity to claim their Profiles and add additional data. The result: shared value.

The Opinion Market